How Will You Preserve Your Wealth After Selling Your Business?

We just closed a $30MM+ deal for a client. All cash, and now the owner is riding off into the proverbial sunset.

 Selling a business is an exciting life-changing event for an owner. Finally, the big reward for the decades of investing their expertise, capital, and time into building the business and ensuring security for their family!

The conundrum for every business owner is that they have built a valuable illiquid asset and don’t know how to execute an exit. They anxiously ask:

“How do I diversify the wealth I have created with this business?”

Entrepreneurs can create the wealth and security they aspire to with proper planning. Our client worked with us years in advance to prepare for their exit. This is not to say there were no trip-ups, like the pandemic, but with a plan in place, they were able to keep their momentum and continue to make meaningful changes that positioned their company for a successful sale.

Part of our Master Exit Plan® process includes a wealth management strategy to ensure the liquidity from the sale grows tax efficiently to create great wealth that can be passed down for future generations.  This is a very important step in the process.

Here is an interview with Michael Heberlein, CFP®, ChSNC® of Commonwealth Financial Group in which we discuss the importance of proper financial planning:

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