Master Exit Plan

A Master Exit Plan is the Blueprint to Successfully Selling Your Business

In order for a business owner to successfully sell their business and go forward into their next chapter in life with ease and confidence, it is critical they create a Master Exit Plan that is comprehensive and integrates an owner’s business, personal, and financial planning.

80% of business that go to market do not sell.

Of the 20% that do sell, 75% of those owners profoundly regret selling their business within a year, according to the Exit Planning Institute’s Owners Readiness Survey.

The reason for these failures is a profound lack of preparation.

Our holistic approach aligns all aspects of your life as a business owner, so that when we guide you through the execution of the sale of your business we are assured that your goals will be met, and your legacy protected.

A Master Exit Plan provides:

  • A Valuation of your business which is most likely your largest asset. The valuation will provide you with the necessary information in making critical decisions while executing your plan to sell your company.
  • An Optimization Plan with specific strategies and tactics to grow the transferable value of your business and ensure your business is well-positioned to attract buyers which will drive deal value to the highest level.
  • A Personal Financial Plan, which assesses your current financial resources, including the value of your business. Your plan will inform you as to the level of financial security you can expect when you sell your business and expected investment returns in the future.
  • An Exit Strategy that identifies the optimal strategy to fulfill your goals. We also align you with the appropriate team to execute your strategy and guide you through the M&A process.
  • A Post-Ownership Plan that will identify your goals intellectually, physically, and socially for the next phase in your life to ensure you are able to sell your business and transition into your next chapter with no regrets.
  • An Estate Plan Review to assess proper planning for asset distribution in line with your wishes in the event of death or incapacitation in a tax efficient manner.

At Legacy Partners, you get the personalized attention of a boutique firm with the knowledge and experience of a global team of experts creating an unmatched successful result.

"With an unsolicited offer in hand, I recognized that I needed to understand the value of my business because eventually, I will want to exit my business. I engaged Legacy Partners whose process in developing an exit plan not only provided a valuation but also identified opportunities for growth and specific steps to increase the value of my business. The information I received was industry-specific and I am now executing the growth plan and continuing to work with Legacy Partners so that when I do decide to exit my business, I will be ready. I highly recommend Legacy because they combine their intelligence, experience, and passion to help you arrive at the decision that is best for you."
Brian Crafts
President FMC Technologies, Inc.

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