Chris Vanderzyden

Speaker • Author • M&A Advisor • CPA • CVGA

Chris Vanderzyden

Speaker • Author • M&A Advisor • CPA • CVGA

Chris Vanderzyden is an educational speaker focused on guiding privately held business owners to create and execute a business exit strategy that will maximize return on investment and preserve their wealth.

The majority of privately held business owners plan to sell their business; however, very few actually have an exit plan in place to do so. Successfully selling a business for its full value requires extensive business and financial planning, and a thorough understanding of the mergers and acquisitions process.

3 Big Risks Owners Face When Selling Their Business:

1. The majority of businesses brought to market do not sell because of a lack of preparation resulting with their doors simply closing, impacting employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

2. Selling the business for less than it’s worth severely diminishing their future wealth and financial security

3. Being taken advantage of by a buyer

"75% of all privately held business owners intend to exit their business in the next 10 years."

Chris Vanderzyden Speaker

Chris Vanderzyden

Speaker • Author • M&A Advisor • CPA • CVGA

Join Chris and Learn:

•  The 6-step Master Exit Planning process to ensure the successful sale of your business

•  How to value, optimize, and protect your business

•  Financial and strategic buyers’ motivations

•  The professional mergers and acquisitions process, deal structures, and tax implications

•  How to discern when is the right time to take your business to market

Chris Vanderzyden, CPA, CVGA, is a founding principal with Legacy Partners, an author, and guest lecture for Harvard’s MBA program. She speaks globally for Associations, Investment Advisors, Insurance Providers, and Educational Institutions.

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Master Your Exit Plan

Get your own copy of Master Your Exit Plan

Written in layman’s terms and applicable across industries, Master Your Exit Plan is a roadmap that provides the answers to the above questions and brings clarity to what is a traditionally difficult process. Chris Vanderzyden presents every critical step to create a Master Exit Plan that will help you successfully execute the sale of your business.

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