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Exit Planning – Process Driven

6 comprehensive steps

Business Valuation

Understanding value is the cornerstone to creating an effective Master Exit Plan.

Do you know what your business is worth?

Business Optimization

Driving transferable value ensures a business is well-positioned to exit.

Will your business attract an investor?

Personal Financial Plan

A sound exit strategy aligns your business, financial, and personal goals.

Are you clear on how a liquidity event will impact your financial future?

Exit Strategy & Execution

There are many transition options to consider.

Do you know which strategy will meet your objectives to exit or fuel growth?

Post Ownership Plan

93% of business owners have no post-ownership life plan and often experience dissatisfaction upon exit.

What is your plan intellectually, socially, physically for this next chapter?

Family Estate Protection Plan

A comprehensive estate plan will ensure the wealth harvested from the sale of your business will be protected, distributed in a tax efficient manner, and fulfill your wishes.

Is your legacy protected?

Are You Prepared to Exit Your Business?

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of Business Owners Plan to Transition Out Over The Next 10 Years.
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of Privately Held Business Owners Leave 80% of the Value on The Table Upon Exit.

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