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We create master exit plans for privately held business owners and execute the sale of their business.

Welcome to Legacy Partners

Legacy Partners is a Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory firm that specializes in creating and executing strategic Master Exit Plans for the owners of privately held companies in the middle market.

We offer an unbiased, comprehensive, and process-driven approach that eliminates a business owner’s frustration and confusion as they exit via a sale to a third party.

Equity to Liquidity…Preserving Your Legacy for Generations to Come.

Exit Planning – Process Driven

6 comprehensive steps

Business Valuation

Understanding value is the cornerstone to creating an effective Master Exit Plan.

Do you know what your business is worth?

Business Optimization

Driving transferable value ensures a business is well-positioned to exit.

Will your business attract an investor?

Personal Financial Plan

A sound exit strategy aligns your business, financial, and personal goals.

Are you clear on how a liquidity event will impact your financial future?

Exit Strategy & Execution

There are many transition options to consider.

Do you know which strategy will meet your objectives to exit or fuel growth?

Post Ownership Plan

93% of business owners have no post-ownership life plan and often experience dissatisfaction upon exit.

What is your plan intellectually, socially, physically for this next chapter?

Family Estate Protection Plan

A comprehensive estate plan will ensure the wealth harvested from the sale of your business will be protected, distributed in a tax efficient manner, and fulfill your wishes.

Is your legacy protected?

Are You Prepared to Exit Your Business?

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of Business Owners Plan to Transition Out Over The Next 10 Years.
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of Privately Held Business Owners Leave 80% of the Value on The Table Upon Exit.


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