Frequently Asked Questions

Typically it is approximately a 3-4 month process. We are, however, very cognizant of our clients’ demanding schedules as business owners so we always work with our clients to establish a comfortable pace as progress through the process.

If your business is producing less than $1MM in EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes,  Depreciation and Amortization) our process will be too robust as it is designed for companies that are more complex. That being said, talk to us and together we’ll figure out what is the next best step for you and your business as you grow and consider your exit options. We are here to provide guidance whether you become a client or not and will provide unbiased advice.

Statistics prove that the earlier the exit process is planned, the higher the level of success upon execution. Approximately 75-90% of businesses that go to market do not transact because the business has deficiencies that prevent it from attracting investors. Proactively positioning a business for a transition of ownership will ensure any value gaps are closed, the value of the business is optimized and ultimately an owner is able to meet their business, financial and personal goals.

We are a diverse group with in-depth experience with big corporations, investment banks, and as entrepreneurs, and so have expertise in almost all industries.

We are very focused on ensuring that our service is the right choice for our clients so our on boarding process is in-depth as we explore the possibility of working together. Typically we will begin with a zoom call to understand your business and your goals as an owner. We will then send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and request financial statements for our review. After we have reviewed the financial statements we will have another meeting so we can ask each other more questions and then together decide if we are the best solution to meet your goals. The first step is to reach out for a call with us.

Yes, the valuation process will provide all of the information we need to create the marketing documents (Confidential Business Profile and Confidential Information Memorandum) to take you to market. We can simultaneously create and guide the execution of your Master Exit Plan.

Yes if it is decided that we are the best choice to take you to market. We are client focused and not transaction focused so it is very important to us that you are aligned with who we believe can best represent you. We have investment bank strategic partners who may be a better choice than our in-house team depending on the complexity of your business, industry, size of the limited auction, etc. If the choice is to work with a larger investment bank we will continue to advise you as you progress through the entire M&A process.

We are a fee-based service and so charge a flat fee for your Master Exit Plan® (MEP) based on the complexity of your business. If you engage us to represent you going to market subsequent to the development of your MEP, a separate mergers and acquisitions engagement agreement is executed. If you go to market within one year of creating your MEP and the data is current there is no additional M&A work fee charged.

Yes, the vast majority of our clients work with us years in advance of their exit as they execute their optimization plan in preparation to go to market. Once the Master Exit Plan® is developed we offer to meet quarterly with our clients to monitor their progress. We also encourage an annual update of their valuation so that our clients are clear on the impact of their internal changes and  external market forces

Our service is comprehensive, unbiased, and client-focused. Our key team members have all owned and sold businesses so we have walked in our client’s shoes. We have all worked with large firms who could not provide the level of service that privately held business owners deserve so delivering a high-level of service to each individual is of paramount importance to us. And because we are a boutique and run our operations lean we do not have exorbitant overhead and so our fees are lower.

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