Business Optimization

Is Your Business Optimized to Attract Buyers?

The business valuation process will identify opportunities to optimize the business which will decrease risks, increase transferable value, and drive the marketability of your company.

Revenue tends to be the sole focus when an owner is preparing to go to market, but the real value drivers are the profits and the intangible assets that ultimately attract buyers.

Legacy Partners provides their clients an Optimization Plan  based on industry specific data, analytics, and insight to drive their business to new heights and achieve their business and financial objectives whether they go to market today or in the future.

Legacy Partners analyzes Eight Main Value Drivers and provides a business optimization plan with actionable strategies and tactics to increase the value of the business.

The primary drivers to business optimization include:

  1. Strategic Planning: A written stratgic plan to grow the business provides a buyer with assurance that the company can expand resulting in increased profit to meet their return-on-investment target.
  2. Leadership: Human capital is one of the most valuable intangible assets of a business. Leaders and staff that understand the vision for growth and have the skills to execute the growth plan are critical to the value of a business and a successful transition.
  3. Sales: Future predictable revenue from which a buyer can generate a return-on-investment drives marketability. The sales review includes an analyses of your strategy, team, revenue character, customer base etc.
  4. Marketing: A robust marketing plan that presents the strategy to grow sales gives an investor confidence in future growth and potential return on investment. Often a privately held business is heavily reliant on existing customers and deficient in new customer development. The analysis will uncover gaps in strategy, team, brand positioning, etc.
  5. Operations: The operational review will be performed according to the industry in which your business competes. Manufacturing, retail, and service are all assessed with differing parameters, but all encompass the establishment of robust, effective, documented procedures that drive consistent profitability of your business.
  6. Finance: Assessment of controls and the finance team focuses upon their understanding of the entire financial picture of your organization and their ability to proactively manage the need to secure capital for growth, oversee risk management, advocate for new technology to streamline operations and improve efficiencies across departments.
  7. Legal: Encompasses a review to ensure all filings and licenses are current, all contracts and agreements are in order, and all intellectual property protected.
  8. Information Systems: Current, state-of-the art software systems, provide a competitive advantage that drives value as it ensures efficiency and support future growth.

The business optimization plan is not only a comprehensive risk management assessment, but also identifies business continuity weaknesses that impact the value of your business such as properly executed buy-sell agreements, implementation of employee retention programs, and adequate catastrophic protection.

75-90% of businesses that go to market do NOT sell.

By optimizing your business prior to going to market, you can maximize your value drivers, leverage them to increase marketability, and command the best terms to successfully sell your business.

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