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Message from the CEO:

It’s a well-known fact that most businesses brought to market fail to transact – often because the business is not positioned to attract a buyer. The owner may also be unprepared emotionally to engage in the process and often does not understand the financial implications of a liquidity event.

The Legacy Partners team has extensive prior experience working with the big investment banks and we recognize that privately held business owners in the middle market are grossly underserved in the mergers and acquisitions world.

Our company was launched to provide a comprehensive process to prepare the business and the owner for their eventual exit. The Master Exit Plan® serves as a guide as business owners make critical decisions in preparing and executing their exit strategy – ensuring they are successful when they go to market.

Having built and sold our own businesses, the Legacy Partners team has walked in our clients’ shoes so we bring both expertise and empathy to the table. We understand that it takes confidence to build a business and we also recognize COURAGE fuels a successful exit. We operate with full transparency because INTEGRITY is everything to us. We RESPECT our clients’ vision – where they have been and where they are going. We are ambitious and COLLABORATIVE: we believe in shooting for the stars, and our clients TRUST that we’ll capture the moon.

We provide a world-class experience by leveraging cutting-edge technology and global resources. Our boutique approach ensures that we are always client-centric and focused on delivering successful outcomes.

Signature Chris Vanderzyden

Chris Vanderzyden


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