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We Offer Sell-Side Only Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

With decades of collective experience, our Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Team, led by Joe Sands, is comprised of industry experts that manage the entire sale process with only the business owner’s best interest in mind. From marketing your business to a pool of buyers, to negotiating, due diligence and close, we advise you every step of the way.

"I was referred to Legacy Partners after having been approached directly by a buyer. As a busy business owner, I didn’t have the time to deal with selling my company, nor did I know how to do it, or even where to start.

After speaking with Legacy, I was confident they would be giving me their full attention throughout the M&A process. It was obvious that I had a very experienced team leading me through the process and they did give me the attention necessary for a successful outcome.

I ended up having multiple buyers competing for my company and definitely feel that I ended up with the best price and terms. I’m happy I sold and the Legacy team definitely made the path not only possible but also easier."
Paul Milano
Stellar Building Technologies purchased by Albireo Energy
“I loved everything about the technology services company that I founded 35 years ago. It was my baby. But based on my age and energy levels I knew it was time to formulate an exit strategy so I could retire.

After interviewing several M&A advisory firms, Legacy Partners was the one that instilled the most confidence because of its track record and professionalism. Chris and her team developed a sophisticated marketing plan including the creation of a concise and informative Confidential Information Memorandum. The results were undeniable with 50 to 60 parties expressing interest. The Senior M&A Advisor assigned to the project spent considerable time with each viable prospect and would summarize the pro’s and con’s of the various opportunities in our weekly meetings. Our Advisor skillfully obtained Letters of Interest from multiple suitors based closely on the terms and selling price we had anticipated.

Ultimately we decided to move forward with a particular private equity firm targeting acquisitions in the tech industry. Legacy stayed involved to guide us through structuring the deal and negotiations with the buyer, working through each unique aspect of the transaction. They provided valuable insight during the due diligence phase including information required for the quality of earnings report. From start to close, the process took seven months. I give Legacy Partners a five star rating and highly recommend them to anyone considering selling a business.”
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers
Beachwood Systems Consulting purchased by Baymark Partners

Our process driven approach in creating a personalized seller’s exit strategy systematically will lead you through all the milestones to successfully sell your business with the best possible outcome.

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Our 7-step Mergers & Acquisitions Process:

Legacy Partners works in your best interests to execute a successful sale and we only represent sellers in the transaction. When our clients are well-positioned to go to market, we guide them through the execution of their personalized exit strategy.

Identify the Appropriate Buyer:

We analyze the buyers in our extensive network and identify a buyer pool that will meet your goals. A competitive auction drives deal value and your list may include financial, strategic, and private investors that are actively pursuing investment opportunities in your industry.

Develop the Marketing Collateral:

The preparation of the sales documents is a critical gate as the information presented must not only be accurate, but also compelling in order to drive buyer interest. We excel in providing the information in a way that will get your business noticed. Documentation will include a Confidential Business Profile (CBP) – often referred to as an Executive Summary or Teaser – which presents a high-level overview of your business, highlighting key financial information with a strong emphasis on growth potential. The purpose is to drive interested buyers to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) and requesting a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). This important document relays detailed information so the buyers can determine if your business meets their investment criteria.

Call For Offers:

Once your marketing collateral has attracted their attention the most interested investors will issue an Indication of Interest (IOI). This is a non-binding agreement issued in the form of a letter that communicates a buyer’s interest in purchasing your business. This provides our clients with a baseline for price and terms and serves as a checkpoint to analyze the seriousness of all potential buyers.

Conduct Management Meetings:

This introductory meeting affords you the opportunity to meet all potential buyers and begin the process of evaluating their intentions and cultural fit. These meetings also provide additional information to the investor so they can refine their offer and prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI). This is a non-binding offer that outlines the fundamental terms of the deal.

Analysis of Offers and Negotiation:

Price, deal structure, and terms are rigorously negotiated before the client authorizes the LOI. Our team analyzes each offer and calculates the tax impact so that you understand the net amount you will receive at closing. We then will also revise your financial plan including the terms of the deal so you will be able to understand the impact of the upcoming liquidity event on your financial future.

Manage Due Diligence:

Once the buyer has been selected and you have signed the Letter of Intent the due diligence process begins. This stage in the process allows the buyer to validate that everything that has been presented is accurate. Since this step is very involved, we manage the entire process so can focus on your business.The buyer typically uses a third-party firm who will perform a financial review of your historical earnings and future projections. This provides the buyer with a Quality of Earnings report. Additionally, there may be several specialists, dependent upon your business, who will analyze the following: property matters, personnel, legal, intellectual property, insurance, government, general corporate matters, environmental, and compliance. This thorough analysis is why we begin preparing for due diligence the moment we begin the valuation, ensuring that you are ready for this stage and the deal gets done.

Manage the Close:

Your deal will be closed and memorialized with a Definitive Purchase Agreement (DPA) or Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA), which is a legal and binding document drafted by the buyer. This supersedes all previous discussions and documents, including the IOI, if received, and the LOI. Included in this document will be a Warranties, Representation, and Indemnification (WRI) section, which will be robustly negotiated by your M&A Advisory team. After closing the funds are directly deposited into your investment accounts according to your financial plan and wealth management strategy.

We provide Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services to Businesses with EBITDA greater than $1.0MM

Industry Specialization:

Here are just a few of the industries we serve, if you don’t see your industry, just reach out.

  • Building Services
  • Construction
  • Business Services
  • Technology, Media & Telecom
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

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