Who Will Be My Buyer?

who will be my buyer?

There are three types of third party business buyers – financial, strategic and individual – and each brings something different to the table. Which is right for you?

Is It Time to Sell Your Business?

Don’t let fear render you complacent when developing your exit strategy! It’s important to understand the economic indicators driving the M&A cycle. Economics aside, there are other considerations, such as whether your business is positioned to attract a buyer or if you’re in the optimal stage of development to go to market.

How to Mitigate Taxes in an M&A Deal

Mitigate Taxes ina an MA deal

Our mergers & acquisition team at Legacy Partners represented Stellar Building Technologies in the sale to Albireo Energy. The transaction allowed our client to transition into the next chapter in his life with financial freedom but every deal has its challenges and in this one it was taxes. As an S-corporation, the deal structure proposed […]

2 Big Challenges to Selling your Business

challenges to selling your business

While many business owners are concerned that they won’t get top dollar for their business after a tumultuous year, there are three strong factors that may actually make this the best year to sell your business and grow your wealth.

The Value of a Mergers & Acquisitions Auction Process

Most business owners don’t understand the value of their business and have no idea how to negotiate or structure a deal to mitigate taxes. And, they certainly don’t have access to buyers. So they lock onto the one buyer who calls. A good M&A firm can help.

3 Clues You’re Ready For a Successful Exit

Businesses that had great teams who were proactive in their response to the pandemic and can demonstrate reliable and/or recurring revenue will be rewarded next year when they go to market. Are you ready to exit?

The 3 Types of Buyers Who Invest in Businesses

business investors

The Mergers and Acquisitions world is waking up as the shock of the pandemic has softened and we are busy guiding clients through the selling process. Many owners want to know “Who do you think will buy my company?” I can’t predict the future but I do know they’ll fall into one of these three categories.