Don’t Be Caught Dating Just One Suitor!

Most business owners don’t understand the value of their business and have no idea how to negotiate or structure a deal to mitigate taxes. And, they certainly don’t have access to buyers. So they lock onto the one buyer who calls. A good M&A firm can help.

3 Clues You’re Ready For a Successful Exit

As 2020 moves into the rear-view mirror we are looking forward to 2021 through an optimistic lens. Looking back this year our clients were successful preserving the value of their businesses by taking specific steps to manage the crisis, and many of them were able to unlock potential for new growth. Those businesses that had […]

The 3 Exit Strategy Decisions that Can Cost You Millions

Selling their business to a 3rd party is the most common exit strategy chosen by a privately held business owner. We are currently in the midst of a mass transition of business ownership. Some are exiting because they are tired of the lack of control – who would have ever guessed that business could be […]

The 3 Types of Buyers Who Invest in Businesses

Selling a business is nothing like selling a house. In my neck of the woods, real estate is moving like hotcakes. Our mountains are exactly the safe and peaceful zone of tranquility that currently attracts buyers in droves. A house goes up for sale one day and the deal closes the next, like clockwork. Wouldn’t […]

Timing Matters

I am often asked the question, “Does it really matter when I sell my company?” My answer is a resounding, “YES!” How well your company is positioned in the eyes of a buyer matters. How much capital is available in the market to invest in businesses matters.  The right time to sell a business is […]

Three Key Questions that Determine Your Market-Readiness

I have received emails and calls from people who have seen me speak, professing that I was right when I said we would be in a recession by the 2nd quarter of 2020. I actually was wrong. Covid-19 caused this recession, not the rupture of the global debt bubble I was speaking about. But, the […]

Tired of Feeling Regret?

4 Steps You Can Act Upon Now In the past few months, we’ve heard all the sad expressions. You know the ones – the shoulda, coulda, woulda…followed with a, “if I had just…pulled the trigger, moved faster, been more decisive.” This is the ballad of regret – a powerful elegy sung to us on a […]


We are now two weeks into May and some states are opening up for business. Some more trepidatious than others, but at least we are seeing movement and finally getting better optics on the impact on our businesses.  But, we have a long way to go until we have a clear view as to the […]


April 1, and payments are due. Then there will be May 1, June 1…Rent, mortgage, auto loans, quarterly payments for insurance, credit cards, utilities, etc. all coming due. As of last week 3.28 million people have filed for unemployment and everyone is scrambling to keep above water. There are projections that our unemployment rate here […]


Is now a good time to start planning your business exit? If the number of phone calls and emails we have received in the last two weeks from business owners who said “I’m not going through another down cycle!” is any indication, then I think business owners are waking up to the answer – Yes, now is […]